Membrr is a free, open source ExpressionEngine module that brings subscription billing and membership website features to your CMS.
Over $12 million in payments received!

Perfect for membership websites, members-only content, paid directory listings, self-serve advertising sales, online magazines, and other websites with subscription billing.

All subscription creations, renewals, cancellations, and expirations are handled automatically. Membrr makes auto-recurring billing easy. You can even link subscriptions to EE member groups. Integrates with ExpressionEngine 2.x and 1.x with a simple 30-second installation. Use template tags, extensions, and the control panel to integrate Membrr into your site.
Accept payments via your favourite payment gateway without any extra transaction fees. Easily switch gateways anytime. Create dynamic emails that are sent to the customer, you, or anyone else upon subscriptions, expirations, renewals, and other system actions.
Membrr is secure. No credit card information is stored locally (even for recurring billing) and it fully supports SSL encrypted connections. Get support with our public knowledgebase, documentation and FAQ's, and support ticket system.
Membrr is powered by the OpenGateway billing engine (also free, open source software). The control panel makes all of your customer and billing records easily searchable and browseable.
  • "Membrr was essential to's ability to get to market as quickly as it did. The ROI was seen instantly, and the support team is top notch. Unquestionably a great product and worth every cent." - Allen Hartwig
  • "Membrr by Electric Function is a really phenomenal ExpressionEngine subscriber/membership add-on. Definitely worth the price... Debated rolling my own, but Membrr saved me approx. 40 hrs of coding. - Michael Roling

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